We've been bustin' nuts since 1986!

ALLTORC’S story began in 1986, when our founder Bruce Carmichael, came out from the oilfields of Texas to introduce California industry to the hydraulic torque wrench. We showcased one product line, HYTORC and were the original HYTORC of California.

Over the next 22 years, the industrial market completely adapted their bolting procedures to incorporate the use of hydraulic wrenches on every job but the market had grown, hundreds of new applications for torque tooling had been found and many new products had been developed by different manufacturers.


With that in mind, in 2008, we changed our name to ALL AMERICAN HYDRAULIC TOOLS INC., later shortened to ALLTORC and our mission became to offer our clients the best tool for your job, regardless of brand. Our product range greatly expanded as we began to offer pneumatic, battery and electric RAD torque wrenches, nut splitters, hydraulic bolt tensioners, pumps and all types of bolting accessories to accommodate your complete bolting job.

Still based in California after 34 years, we are an independent, family run, WBE owned company with our own in-house repair & calibration services and a vast rental inventory.

ALLTORC continues to offer exceptional and personalized customer service, serving our clients  24/7 because we work when you work and we care as much about your job as you do.