Hydraulic Nut Splitter

Hydraulic Nut Splitter

For a variety of reasons, sometimes your assembly might be galled or corroded causing the breakaway torque, to be more than the tool you have can handle. In situations where you have the nut stuck to a bolt , there are several methods to get this removed. Certain environments won’t allow for the use of a torch or any type of cutting tools than could cause sparks as it will introduce additional hazard to the job site.

When the time has come and you just can’t seem to get that flange apart or remove a nut from a specific bolt, let us introduce to you to Hi-Force Nut Splitters. Hi-Force , made in the U.K., offers the improved NS range of hydraulic nut splitters with a choice of 5 models suitable for hexagon nut AF sizes from 11/16″ to 2-15/16″. For larger sizes we offer the DNS range of double acting, hydraulic nut splitters with a choice of 2 models suitable for splitting nuts across flats (AF) sizes from 2.15/16” to 5.3/8”.

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The Hi-Force DNS range of double acting, hydraulic nut splitters

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HMNS Self Contained Nut Splitter

The HMNS range of hydraulic nut splitters offers a choice

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NS Range Single Acting Nut Splitter

The improved NS range of hydraulic nut splitters offers a

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What do hydraulic nut splitters do?

Hydraulic nut splitters pushes a piston with a cutting wedge into the site of a nut. This cutting pressure causes a cut in one of the faces of the nut and allows for easy removal of stubborn or seized nuts.

How do you split a nut without a nut splitter?

Most other methods of splitting a nut would require a torch to cut into the nut.

What are the different types of nut splitters?

Although there are multiple manufactureres of nutsplitters across the world, they all primarily work the same. The nut splitter is powered by a hydraulic pump, rate for either 10K PSI or 21K PSI. There are two main styles, there is a self-contained style which as the pump built into the nutpslitter and doesn’t require any additional hoses or pump. The other style will require the use of a hose and hydraulic pump.

How do you use nut splitters?

You must make sure that the nut splitter has a leveled and center cutting position on the nut. Once the nut splitter is seated on the nut properply, the hydraulic pump will push the cylinder with the blade at the end to slowly cut through the nut.