Lifting Pumps

Lifting Pumps

Lifting Pumps
Lifting pumps from Alltorc are available for a wide range of applications. There are both manual and powered pumps available to meet your needs. If you have any questions about our lifting pumps, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Manual Lifting Pumps

When portability and cost are key, it’s hard to beat

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Powered Lifting Pumps

Make light work of heavy lifting! Depending on model, pumps

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What is a hydraulic lifting pump?

A hydraulic lifting pump is a high pressured hydraulic pump that provides controlled flow of hydraulic oil to hydraulic lifting cylinders.

How much weight can a hydraulic pump lift?

What determines how much can be lifted does not have to do with the pump, but more so the tonnage capacity of the hydraulic cylinders you are working with. You must always make sure there is enough oil capacity in the pump to fill the cylinders and hoses when operating.

What is the most commonly used hydraulic pump?

Hydraulic hand pumps are the most common range of pumps used. These typically operate at 10,000 PSI and require a lever arm to be pumped in order to build pressure.

What is the difference between manual and powered lifting pumps?

Although both styles pumps are suitable options for delivering 10,000 PSI to a tool, your application should determine which style pump you should use. The manual style pumps are good for the smaller range of cylinders for a quick and mobile set up. When you start working with multiple cylinders at once or if you are working with very large cylinders due to the oil capacity of the pump and the volume that the pump is able to produce, you will want to look at the powered pump options.