Experiencing the impressive lineup of RAD Torque solutions wouldn’t be possible without the proper reaction arm or nose extension to allow for correct fitment of the tool on your application. RAD Torque has a full team of world class engineers that offer from standard to custom tailored solutions to make sure the RAD torque tool works and fits perfectly for you. Custom offset gearboxes, nose extensions, reactions arms and more are all in the realm of possibility with RAD Torque!

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RAD TORQUE NOSE EXTENSIONS A “fixed” Nose Extension has a

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When it comes to achieving torque in applications where you

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Each RAD tool includes a standard reaction arm. In addition

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For applications where tool access to the bolt is limited,

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What are RAD torque accessories?

RAD torque accesories are different add-ons to the primary RAD tooling system that provides additional benefits to the standard models. This might include custom reaciton arms, nose extensions, smart sockets, tool hangers and more. All of the accesories serve a differenent purpose from allowing proper and safe reaction points for the tool and operator, to data collection & even offset gears and mulitpliers to allow the RAD tool to be used in tight spaced environments.

What kind of custom solutions does RAD Torque offer?

RAD Torque Systems and their team of engineers can work hand in hand with a customer to achieve a complete custom torque tool solution from the ground up to something more simply

Does RAD Torque only offer torque solutions for certain industries?

RAD tools can be used in almost all industries where there is a specified torque requirment. With that being said, RAD Torque tools are you answer for torque ranges from 130 ft lbs up to 11,000 Ft lbs. The “Micro-Torque” is not a focus for RAD Torque Systems and their products do not cover this range.

Are RAD tool accessories compatible across different RAD tools?

RAD accessories are compatible with other RAD products, but you must make sure that the reaction arm surface and/or drive size is the same for the accesory you are trying to use.