RAD® – pistol grip style torque guns – EVERY BOLT NEEDS ONE !
One of the safest power tools on the market today, RAD® pistol grip style torque wrenches provide repeatable torque from 50 – 8500 ft. lbs.User friendly with only a single operator needed, RAD’s exclusive low profile reaction arm takes virtually all the operational load off the operator, reducing injuries and cost. RAD® guns set the standard in bolting safety.

All RAD® torque guns are designed to deliver the highest power-to-weight ratio of any pneumatic tool on the market today. The extremely high torque and constant rotation make RAD® ideal for your bolting applications. Equal power in both forward and reverse allows more diversity for those tough maintenance jobs. Each series of pneumatic torque wrenches comes complete with a cage and hose assembly providing the customer a turn-key solution for their bolting needs.