RAD® pneumatic torque wrenches are air powered planetary gear reduction torque multipliers designed to deliver the most powerful, accurate and safe torque load of any tools on the market today.


Pneumatic Rad Tools


Our patented gearbox design allows us to configure very high gear ratios (up to 686:1) developing extremely high torque values from a lightweight and ergonomic hand held pistol grip tools. RAD Torque tools are being used Worldwide in many industries where power, durability and accuracy are considered critical. Our smooth constant rotation drive system make our tools ideal for applications other than bolting fasteners such as valve actuation, hopper car door opening, running large threading taps, etc. RAD® pneumatic torque wrenches are regularly replacing more traditional bolting tools for safety reasons and cost effectiveness.


RAD® Pneumatic Torque Wrenches compared to Impact Wrenches

  • Little to No Vibration (virtually no operator strain)
  • Very Low Noise Level, 80db @ full power (1″Impact 110 db)
  • Very low operating cost, no hammering parts to wear out
  • No Wear on sockets
RAD® Pneumatic Torque Wrenches compared to Hydraulic Wrenches

  • No Need for a Hydraulic Pump
  • Much quieter to operate
  • Much more portable than heavy and awkward hydraulic pump
  • Many times faster operation to complete bolting task economically


Rad Pneumatic 350SL
Rad Pneumatic 50


Rad Pneumatic 7gx
Rad pneumatic 10gx
Rad Pneumatic 15dx
Rad Pneumatic 25GX
rad pneumatic 85gx



Two Speed

Rad pneumatic gx2
Rad Pneumatic dx2
Rad pneumatic gx2

Wheel Nut Bolting

Rad Pneumatic 7GXR
Rad Pneumatic 1800NGXR
Rad 10GX-NX-Kit
Rad pneumatic 15ndx-r
Rad 15dx-nx-kit