We work with the major players in the aerospace industry

Alltorc has worked with a variety of industry leaders when needing a solution for their critical bolting applications. From our air space to outer space, the rockets, airplanes, & drones that make their way through the skies are built and assembled with our precision torque tools. It is essential all components are put together exactly to spec in order to withstand the intense pressures & forces while these vehicles are in operation.

Safety is a top priority

We understand that engineers and mechanics who build and repair commercial airplanes need the right tools to get the job done safely and efficiently. That’s why we work directly with engineers to design and manufacture high output torque wrenches, offsets, multipliers and reaction arms to solve problems and complete tasks unique to the industry.

Building and maintaining airplanes

The aerospace industry relies on torque tools to hold an airplane’s hundreds of thousands of components together. For this reason, data logging is of the utmost importance. Each bolt – from nose to tail – must be fastened using the right amount of torque.

Unique needs of the aerospace industry

RAD’s multipliers provide manufacturers with accurate data so they can rest assured that components are correctly installed to withstand extreme forces placed on them in flight.