We work with the major players in the manufacturing industry

To produce, assemble, and package their products, the manufacturing industry relies on heavy-duty equipment, and they use RAD guns and the full range of RAD tools to keep their assembly lines running safely and on time.

At RAD Torque Systems, we’ve been the tool company of choice for the manufacturing industry for decades. Companies know our wrenches are accurate and will get the manufacturing process back up and running, should a malfunction occur.

RAD understands that time is money, a single equipment breakdown can halt an entire assembly line. For this reason, employees and equipment technicians need to repair and tighten connections when they come loose. A single employee can use RAD’s wrenches to tighten bolts and get their system back in service.

Many manufacturers use RAD’s wrenches to maintain their equipment because we can guarantee bolts and fasteners are tightened with the correct amount of torque. Our Smart Sockets measure the actual torque applied to a bolt during a torque cycle, so there is no guessing when it comes to tightening bolts.

The machines used in manufacturing have different designs and different bolting needs, some bolts might be easy to access while others might be out of reach with a straight tool. Our custom offset tools can help technicians reach low clearance bolts. Your company can come to us with an application, and RAD will create a custom offset model using 3-D printers, from which we can test and build a new custom tool for you. That’s the RAD advantage.