Oil & Gas

rads torque tools
rads torque tools

RAD’s torque tools

Oil and gas giants ExxonMobil and Shell use RAD guns at their refineries, petrochemical plants and gasoline dispensaries around the globe.

RAD knows that safety is the most important priority for the oil and gas industry – especially when it comes to moving fuel, oil, and natural gas. Our spark-free technology helps companies ensure the safety of workers and the communities in which they operate.

Nut and bolt applications

Nut and bolt applications play a big role in the oil and gas industry and require a specific torque. This includes pooling towers, refineries, and standard flanging.

Peace of mind

The RAD 350SL and the entire line of RAD’s pneumatic torque wrenches give oil and gas companies peace of mind that pipes are securely connected – both to prevent leaks and stop them quickly if they occur. We understand that downtime caused by malfunction is very costly.

RAD’s tools are accurate, fast and require only one operator / employee, unlike other wrenches on the market. Let RAD tooling simplify all your bolting needs.