Keeping Safety on Track

Bolts play a large role in railway track installation and maintenance. At RAD Torque Systems, we’ve worked with railway companies for over twenty years, so we understand the challenges involved in laying hundreds of miles of track across rugged terrain.

Impact wrenches may seem like the best tool for track bolting due to affordability, but their hammering motion means they lack torque control, can damage materials and may require the use of an additional torque tool to secure bolts. Thus, they aren’t the most cost-effective option in the long run and can cause impact injuries to their operators.

RAD’s torque wrenches make bolting railway ties and tracks accurate, safe and simple because they are reliable, accurate and ergonomically designed to operate impact free.

Our Smart Socket series means railway engineers and technicians can measure the actual torque applied to a bolt during a torque cycle. This ensures ties and tracks are bolted to each other and the ground with perfect accuracy, no guesswork required.

The RAD Single Speed, B-RAD Select, and E-RAD Blu models

The RAD Single Speed, B-RAD Select, and E-RAD Blu models offer railway technicians a variety of torque options.

Bolting screw spikes, as well as rail bolts and nuts used to be a grueling job that required several workers. RAD Guns – with torque control and continuous rotation – are easy to use by a single technician.

Trains run through residential communities and city centers, so safety is extremely important to the railway industry. Loose bolts can cause tracks to separate, which can lead to serious derailment issues. RAD’s wrenches offer the railway industry peace of mind. Technicians know that their bolts are fastened with the correct amount of torque and can withstand wear from trains weighing thousands of tons.


RAD offers several tools to help railway technicians bolt tracks with extreme accuracy and safety. We also work with railway companies to design and build custom tools to meet industry-specific applications.


  • Locomotive engines
  • Bogies
  • Flywheels
  • Track pads