Repairs and Calibrations

Consistent preventive maintenance

Preventative maintenance is an essential element in keeping any fleet operating properly. This applies whether you’re maintaining a fleet of vehicles or your tool crib. Consistent preventive maintenance will give you a much higher sense of assurance and reliability that when you are using these industrial torque wrenches ,they are all within spec and will perform the job successfully from start to finish. Don’t let bad oil in a pump, bad gaskets or rusted parts be the cause for bringing your job to a dead stop!

Full inspections & repairs

Proper maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping the integrity of your precision torque tools and other accessories up to OEM standards. The majority of the tooling that is provided by Alltorc is used in critical bolting applications where accuracy and repeatability are critical. For this exact reason, it is important that all equipment has routine & preventative maintenance done to them. There are a variety of issues such as oil & water contamination, rust, dust, and debris, not properly lubricated tooling, bad seals, and other common issues that cause bad tooling performance and inaccurate torque output. These issues can be very easy and quick to fix when taken care of early, but if tools are not maintained and problems are ignored, you dramatically increase the risk of a larger tool failure and costly repair down the road.

Alltorc is happy to provide you with the information on what is needed to provide this routine maintenance on your equipment, or you can bring it to us and remove that hassle from your ownership experience.

Tools Commonly Repaired


There are a large variety of torque tool solutions on the market today, and regardless of what type of torque tool you may have, you are most likely required to have a certificate of calibration with that tool if you are putting it to use. There are specialized circumstances, but the current industry standard is that precision torque tools are required to be calibrated at least once every 12 months. There are specific industries and companies that do have an increased calibration cycle required, however, that is specific to your use case. Alltorc offers In-House and mobile calibration services for your industrial torque tools and pressure gauges.

Please see below to see the list of tooling that we calibrate.