Wind Energy

High Torque at High Heights

Wind turbine manufacturers, wind power construction, maintenance contractors, as well as utilities around the world rely on RAD Torque Systems for their heavy-duty bolting. The E-RAD has the most storied reputation in the Wind Industry but the capability of the RAD Battery series of tooling is bringing even more maneuverability & efficiency in the bolting process.

In the assembly of these towers, all types of torque and tensioning tools are needed to perform the job properly. If your need is base bolt tensioning, hydraulic torquing, Norwolf’s low profile torque multipliers or one of the many options from RAD Torque systems, we have the right solution for you.

Unique tools for a unique workplace

RAD created unique tools for a unique workplace . In some wind turbine towers, technicians have to flange sections from the inside, other turbines have unique curvatures that don’t allow for the use of straight tools . RAD’s offset gearboxes and 90 degree tools allow our E-RAD models to fit inside the diameter and curvature of a turbine’s shell.

Our E-RAD, B-RAD, offset gearbox and Smart Sockets can be used to install and maintain tower bolts, blade bolts, shrink discs, gearboxes, generators, hub bolts and yaw bolts.

With RAD, no job is out of reach.