Sockets & Accessories

Sockets & Accessories

We offer a full range of accessories and sockets that are needed to make the bolting process successful. Although often overlooked, the right accessories will make the difference from getting the job done properly & safely or not. We keep in stock locally for purchase and rental a full range of sockets, striking wrenches, combo wrenches, drive adapters, open end wrenches & more!

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PETOL™ HAMMERTIGHT™ Wrench Retainers are safe and easy-to-use tools designed

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PETOL™ Striking Face Box Wrench (12-pt. Offset)

The PETOL™ STRIKING FACE BOX WRENCH is a drop-forged alloy

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PETOL™ Striking Wrench (6-pt. Straight)

The PETOL™ STRIKING WRENCH is a hammer wrench (slugging wrench)

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Why are the right accessories important for the bolting process?

Proper accesories being used in the bolting process are essential for safe practices. Due to the high loads being applied, there are many forces in action during the bolting process. You want to make sure that all of your hydraulic fittings are properly rated for the operating pressure and all of your drive adapters and nose extensions for tools are also properly rated for the tools output. If not, this can cause serious injury on the jobsite .

Why are sockets and accessories important in the bolting process?

Can I rent sockets and accessories from ALLTORC?

Yes, Alltorc provides all of the properly rated accesories to run the equipment provided by Alltorc.

Can ALLTORC help me choose the right sockets and accessories for my needs?

Asbolutley, please speak with your rep at Alltorc to receive the best recommendations.