The V-RAD Electric series of torque tooling from RAD Torque Systems is offered in both 120V & 220V options. The three models offered give you tooling options from 100 – 3,000 Ft Lbs. With the ease of a quick plug in on the V RAD SELECT, you can get to bolting with no hassle and no start up time. Set your torque, and let the tool do the rest of the magic!

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The new V-RAD Select electric series torque wrenches come with

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Are electric torque wrenches better?

Electric torque wrenches aren’t necessarily better than other style wrenches but they do have capabilities that some other models don’t. The best tool for your job will require often on the requirements of the job site and available power sources.

How accurate is an electric torque wrench?

The V-RAD Series has a stated accuracy of +/-5% and a Repeatability of +/-2%

Do electric torque wrenches need calibrated

Yes, it is recommended that you calibrated all torque tooling atleast once a year. You might require a more frequent interval of calibrations due to the usage of your equipment.

Can electric torque wrenches be used in hazardous environments?

Electric torque wrenches can be used in hazardous environments but will require a hot work permit. It is only our BL-Select series that carries a Class 1 Div 2 certification to be used in hazardous/explosive environments (this excludes the connection of the battery pack).