RAD Torque Audit Equipment

RAD Torque Audit Equipment

Smart socket

We are often met by shock and disbelief when our customer sees the RAD Torque tool perform for the first time. No one can believe that such high torque loads can be applied so effortlessly – but they can! After the shock wears off, we are always asked “How can you guarantee the tools’ accuracy?”.

Well, the answer to that question is Calibration & Auditing Equipment! RAD offers this in three ways. There are options where there are built-in transducers into to the torque tools (Models B-RAD S, RAD TV Series & E-RAD BLU-S), this removes the need for other auditing equipment needed to be used frequently for accuracy verification. You can see these models by clicking on the appropriate tool model in the menu section.

The two auditing options that are covered here are the RAD Calibration Stand system & the RAD Smart Socket.

The RAD Calibration bench is the perfect solution if you have multiple tools in your fleet and you need a quick & easy calibration stand to run-down and provide torque readings quickly for daily auditing or with the Calibration software, you can perform a full calibration on your tool.

The RAD Smart Socket and be used to audit quickly a tools accuracy and it can also be used in conjunction with the RAD torque tools to provide complete auditing data from a completed bolting job that can be given to QC for final approval of completion.

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With three models available and more to come in the

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Revolutionary Socket For Measuring Torque Directly On The Bolt Up

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What are the two torque measuring instruments?

The two ways that RAD Torque System offers to audit their equipment is either through their RAD Calibration systems or with use of the RAD Smart Socket

How do you audit torque?

There are straing gauge transudcers that are built into the calibration system that measure the torsion force being applied into a medium joint. The smart socket has 8 strain gauge transducers are built into the socket that provides within 1% accuracy of what is applied.

How can the RAD Smart Socket be used to audit the accuracy of the RAD Torque tool?

The RAD Smart Socket has the ability to read within +/-1 % the accuracy of the torque applied on the nut. This allows the user to either spot check their tool daily to make sure the tool is in proper tolerance. With models such as the E-RAD and B-RAD-S, you can perform a “Point-Calibration” which makes the tools accuracy more pinpointed to the specific joint / joint-rate you are working on.

How can the accuracy of the RAD Torque tool be guaranteed?

The best way to be able to confirm the accuracy of a RAD gun of equivlanet torque wrench is to have an audit system on-site so you may always spot check the tool before it’s next use.