When you are without direct access to power or an air supply, look no further than the RAD Torque Systems Line of cordless torque wrench. This line of tooling is the perfect solution for remote job sites where you need to get the job done and don’t have access to a power source! With options ranging from 50 Ft Lbs. to 5,000 Ft Lbs., there is a tool for you. Please take a look at the variety of options below.

We offer the Standard B-RAD Select series which is the perfect basic model where you simply set your torque and go to work. Accompanying that system, we offer the B-RAD Select Offset series which allows you to get into tighter working environments with the built-in offset gearbox.

For workflows that require more torque modes, then the B-RAD BL S is where you want to be. It has a built-in torque transducer that confirms torque at the exact moment, giving you 100% satisfaction that you completed the torque cycle correctly, as well as speed settings, Bluetooth data transfer, the ability to store preset jobs, and torque/angle control.

A battery torque wrench from RAD Torque Systems is the perfect solution for remote job sites without power sources. With their ergonomic design and options ranging from 50 Ft Lbs. to 5, 000 Ft Lbs, this line of tooling provides reliable and accurate torque solutions regardless of the fastener. The light weight battery-powered design ensures dependable performance even in the most challenging work environments.

Battery precision gearbox torque wrenches from RAD Torque Systems offer a variety of torque ranges that make them an excellent choice for any job site. The auto shut-off feature turns off the wrench after every use, saving power and ensuring that you’re never left with a dead battery when you need to get work done. The ergonomic design with brushless motor also ensures comfortable operation, and the slim profile allows for easy access to tight spaces. It is possible to reduce risk and complete jobs safely and accurately with this range of tools.

The RAD Torque Systems Line of battery precision gearbox torque wrenches also comes with an LED display for easy monitoring and an audible alert to notify you when you have reached the desired torque setting. The adjustable torque settings allow you to customize the amount of torque applied, making these wrenches an essential part of any toolkit. With its robust construction and durable materials, the RAD Torque Systems line of battery precision gearbox torque wrenches can handle any job site challenge. When you need to tighten fasteners remotely or apply precise amounts of torque for industrial applications, these tools can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The RAD Torque Systems Line of battery precision gearbox torque wrenches also feature an adjustable reaction arm for added reach and the ability to apply the exact amount of torque needed for the job. The robust construction ensures that these tools are up to any task and can handle the toughest workload and environment. With its advanced torque control, you can trust that these tools will provide accurate results every time, making them an essential addition to any toolbox.

For added convenience, these battery-powered wrenches also come with a carrying case, allowing you to easily transport them to any job site. With their long-lasting batteries, you can be sure that you’ll always have the power you need to get the job done right. With its powerful performance and reliable accuracy, the RAD Torque Systems Line of battery precision gearbox torque wrenches are a must-have for any professional working in the field.

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The newest addition to the B-RAD series is the B-RAD

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B-RAD Select

The New B-RAD Select Brushless series of battery torque wrenches

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B-RAD Select BL Offset

NEW! Offset Gearboxes For Tight Spaces The newly designed B-RAD

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The brand-new B-RAD X from RAD Torque System takes torque

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What is the most powerful battery wrench?

The B-RAD X 11K is the most powerful battery tool on the market, this model is able to torque up to 11,000 ft lbs.

Are higher voltage battery tools better?

No, the voltage of the tool doesn’t not have to do with increased or decreased performance.

What is the maximum torque on a cordless impact wrench?

Currently the largest battery impact tools max out around 2,500 to 3,000 ft lbs.

What is the torque range of RAD Cordless Battery Torque Wrenches?

We have a variety of models with torque ranges ranging from 120 – 11,000 ft lbs.