Battery Torque Wrenches

Discover the convenience of RAD Torque Systems’ Line of battery torque wrenches! Ideal for remote job sites, these cordless tools offer a torque range from 50 to 11,000 Ft Lbs, ensuring a solution for every fastening need. Among our offerings, the Standard B-RAD Select series provides simplicity and effectiveness, while the B-RAD Select Offset series offers an offset gearbox for tighter spaces. If you require more torque features and precision, the B-RAD BL S is your go-to choice. This model is equipped with a torque transducer, it guarantees accurate torque which is verified by the transducer, Bluetooth data transfer, preset job storage, and torque/angle control. If you need to get into even higher torque ranges than these options provide, then look no further than the B-RAD X which has 3 separate models with ranges from 500 – 11,000 ft lbs.

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The newest addition to the B-RAD series is the B-RAD

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B-RAD Select

The New B-RAD Select Brushless series of battery torque wrenches

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B-RAD Select BL Offset

NEW! Offset Gearboxes For Tight Spaces The newly designed B-RAD

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The brand-new B-RAD X from RAD Torque System takes torque

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What is the most powerful battery wrench?

The B-RAD X 11K is the most powerful battery tool on the market, this model is able to torque up to 11,000 ft lbs.

Are higher voltage battery tools better?

No, the voltage of the tool doesn’t not have to do with increased or decreased performance.

What is the maximum torque on a cordless impact wrench?

Currently the largest battery impact tools max out around 2,500 to 3,000 ft lbs.

What is the torque range of RAD Cordless Battery Torque Wrenches?

The RAD Torque product range has a variety of models with torque ranges ranging from 120 – 11,000 ft lbs.