Flange Spreaders

Take the hassle out of gasket and valve swap -outs by using the proper flange spreader. When used in conjunction, you can have up to 50,000 lbs of force spreading your flange apart by the simple actuation of a pump. No longer deal with getting banana wedges stuck inside flanges or spending hours, if not days trying to get a flange in a vault to move. We offer a wide range of RENQUIP , made in Scotland, self-integrated flange spreaders along with individual sets and dual sets that come with hose and pump.

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FSW17D – Flange Spreading Wedge Twin Tool Kit

Renquip's FSW17 flange spreading wedge kit can enter a flange

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FSW17K Flange Spreading Wedge

The FSW17 flange spreading wedge is powered by a 10,000

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FSW17M Flange Spreading Wedge Twin Tool & Pump Kit

The FSW17 flange spreading wedge is powered by a 10,000

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FSW17P Flange Spreader with Integrated Pump

The FSW17P flange spreading wedge is powered by a built

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What is a flange spreader?

A flange spreader is a device that typically uses a wedge-style nose to allow seperation between two flanges. These can be manually or hydraulicly driven.

What are the different types of flange spreaders?

There are a variety of flange spreaders on the market. First, all flange spreaders operate at a different capacity, so make sure the model you selected has enough power for your application. The most commonly used spreaders require about 1/8″ or 1/4″ gap in order for the teeth of the spreader to be able to fit. When there is no gap inbetween flanges, one would then look to use a “no-gap” flange spreader. This uses a system of collets and grabs the bolt hole of the flange to pull the flanges apart.

What is the advantage of flange spreaders?

Flange spreaders make the previous dangerous & tedios task of hammer wedges into flanges to gain enough spread to allow for gasket swap outs. Flange spreaders allow for a hassle-free work enviroment as you are able to apply a high might of force between the flanges with minimal effort.

What type of spreader is best?

Wedge style flange spreaders are the best option for everyday flange use, these are the most commmon and diverse option. When using a “no gap” spreader, these are specific to every flange so therefore have a lot more moving parts to make sure the job can be accomplished properly.