The E-RAD BLU has been the tool of preference in the wind industry for well over a decade. This Electronic Series of tooling from RAD Torque Systems is one of the most robust models while also having bragging rights of being the most accurate tool in the line up. The E-RAD has a high degree of torque accuracy at (+/-3%) & repeatability of (+/-2%). We can refine the accuracy of the tool even more when used in conjunction with the RAD Smart Socket!

E-RAD BLU TOUCH CONTROL CASE The touch screen control case provides an easy to use interface that allows for pre-selectable presets, quick error-free torque and angle adjustments, complete recalibrations as well as data logging everything for easy export into spreadsheets on your laptop.

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E-RAD BLU series precision torque wrench tools are designed to

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The E-RAD BLU-S is the newest addition to the E-RAD

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Are electronic torque wrenches worth it?

Yes, the E-RAD is priced very competiviley in the market. The E-RAD offers the most advanced features along with the best accuracy out of all tooling options which include password user protection, preset torque values, torque & angle as well as data collection.

Are electronic torque wrenches better?

This all depends on which application you are using these tool for, but the E-RAD is one of our most durable lines. They are designed for heavy and long use and are oten used in the aseembly of wind towers.

Do electronic torque wrenches need calibrated?

Yes they do need calibration. Standard interval is 1 time per year or after any major repairs.

What type of torque wrench is the most accurate?

When it comes it high powered precisicon torque wrenches, the E-RAD-S is the most accurate option with a rating of 2% accuracy.