RAD Torque Systems’ pneumatic torque tools are renowned for their robustness and reliability in industrial settings, offering a wide torque range from 50 Ft Lbs. to 11,000 Ft lbs.

These tools are designed to meet various industrial torque needs and come in different configurations, including the standard RAD Single Speed, the RAD High Speed series with an automatic 2-speed, and a large variety of RAD Wheel Nut Bolting tools for OTR Mining and fleet services. Precision air torque wrenches from RAD are the go-to choice for mechanics and technicians who demand accuracy and dependability.

They deliver consistent and reliable torque output, making them suitable for tasks ranging from lug nut removal to various fastening applications. Crafted from industrial-grade materials, these wrenches are built to withstand daily use, featuring an ergonomic design that minimizes user fatigue and ensures ease of use, even in confined spaces.

Whether for automotive, industrial, or construction work, RAD’s air torque wrenches are versatile and dependable tools that help you achieve precise and efficient results, with expert assistance available for selecting the right model for your needs.

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RAD High Speed

The RAD Torque System's Automatic Two-Speed Technology offers high RPM

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RAD Single Speed

Extreme Duty Torque Wrenches For Heavy Duty Applications! Also Available

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RAD Transducer Verification

Pneumatic Tools With A Built In Transducer. View Data In

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RAD Wheel Nut Bolting

Wheel Nut & Off-Road Mining with Precision Bolting! The RAD

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What is a pneumatic torque wrench used for?

A pneumatic torque wrench is typically considered an air-driven motor that powers a gearbox which has an output square drive which accurately applies torque. This is a tool of choice in industries where durability is essential! You will see this range of tools used heavily in oil & gas pipeline installation & maintenance.

What is the difference between an impact wrench and a pneumatic torque wrench?

An impact wrench uses short hammering bursts of power to deliver the tool’s torque output. The hammering nature makes it difficult to be able to ever use this as a “final torque” tool as it’s output can not be accurately controlled. A pneumatic torque wrench which at times can be confused for an impact wrench actually has zero impact coming out of the tool. The tool has smooth continuous operation until final torque is achieved. There is almost always a reaction arm involved, which removes the counterforce from the tool and applies to to the adjacent nut or reaction point making the pneumatic wrench a much friendlier to use tool than an impact wrench.

How accurate is a pneumatic torque wrench?

Pneumatic torque wrenches usually perform within a +/-5% rated accuracy with a +/-2% repeatability.

What is a major advantage of a pneumatic torque wrench?

A pneumatic torque wrenches provide industrial industries a faster solution when needing to apply torque to fasteners. Previous methods included striking wrenches, long cheater bars or heavy and cumbersome hydraulic units. With a pneumatic torque wrench, all you need is a sufficient air supply (100 PSI, 30-50 CFM’s) and you are ready to go to work!