Flange Alignment Tools

Remove the tedious and dangerous work of rigging up heavy equipment to your pipe & flanges to try and get them aligned when it is time to bolt up. Allow the Petol Flange Alignment Pin to help align your flange with ease or if you need a larger distance to cover, Renquip offers both a manual and hydraulic option. Both options allow for a hazard free environment. These solutions remove the fire hazard at jobsites with explosive environments as there is no longer a risk from unwanted sparks while using other methods such as drift pins. Both tooling styles also remove a lot of the wear and tear from previous methods ,allowing better utilization of your work force.

Our flange alignment tools make it simple to align pipes and flanges. There will be no more rigging up heavy equipment and risking injury. Because our tools are lightweight and simple to use, you can align pipes quickly and safely. The unique design of these tools ensures a perfect fit every time, saving you time and lowering the risk of leaks or injury.

Our flange alignment tools provide a safe, efficient, and simple method of aligning flange bolt holes, browse the full range today.

PETOL Flange Pins

PETOL™ FLANGE ALIGNING TOOLS are a safe, fast, and effective solution for even the toughest flange alignment jobs. The tool’s tapered shaft is a feature that eliminates the need for hammering and prying when lining up flange bolt holes.

PETOL Flange Aligning Tools are made of steel and surface coated for rust protection and marked with both the bolt hole size and part number for easy identification. The tools are sold individually and in sets.


The AT9K is a Hydraulic flange alignment tool designed for medium and large flanges that is used to correct:

• linear misalignment (when the axis of the two flanges are not aligned).
• rotational misalignment (when the axis of the flanges are aligned but the bolt holesare not). The AT9K can produce a maximum reaction alignment force of 90kN when the maximum hydraulic pressure of 10,000psi (700Bar) is applied to the tool.

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AT4K Mechanical Flange Alignment Tool

The AT4K is a mechanical flange alignment tool that is

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AT9K 9 Ton Hydraulic Flange Aligning Tool

The AT9K is a Hydraulic flange alignment tool designed for

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PETOL™ Flange Aligning Tool

PETOL™ FLANGE ALIGNING TOOLS are a safe, fast, and effective

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What tool is needed to align flanges?

There are a variety of ways to align a flange, based on the amount of distance that is needed to be covered will decided which option you need to use. If the flanges are misaligned with small gap to cover, drift pins or flange alignment pins are used to bring the flanges together. Flange Alignment pins are typically the prefered method. If there is a large gap to be covered, then you will want the assistance of a hydraulic flange alignment tool.

Why is flange alignment important?

Flanges are need to be properly aligned so the two mating surfaces will evenly meet and provide a seal to prevent any of the product traveling through the pipes from leaking.

How do you align a flange?

Aligning a flange is the process of bring two opposing flanges to the same level where bolts can pass through without resistance and then be joined together.

What is a flange pin?

A flange pin is a steel pin that is tappered on one side with a hex on the other side so it may be driven inwards towards the flange. The tapered side of the pin is made so it can be inserted from one side of the flange and then fit in the misaligned bolt hole of the connecting flange. When the flange pin is turned 180 degrees, this will drive the pin forward causing the flange to align in the process.