The brand-new B-RAD X from RAD Torque System takes torque to their absolute limit. The B-RAD X is the latest generation in the company’s popular battery tool series, and it is raising the bar for torque range capacity with a battery tool. With a maximum torque capacity of 11,000 ft. lbs./15,000 Nm, the B-RAD Xtreme is officially the largest and highest battery-powered torque tool available on the market.

Among its many features are:

  • Brushless DC motors offer increased durability and accuracy over traditional designs.
  • Redesigned anti-fatigue trigger switch.
  • Handguard as the industry standard for increased operator safety.
  • Option to start with two hands.
  • Install a latch lock to prevent the battery from being damaged if it is dropped from a great height.
  • During operation, feedback is provided through a four-button interface that has a high-contrast LED display.

Alltorc proudly offers a diverse range of Rad Guns. Please contact us for any inquiries.


View B-RAD X Data Sheet


B-RAD X 5000 500-5000 ft/lbs. 2.4
B-RAD X 8000 800-8000 ft/lbs. 1.7
B-RAD X 11K 1100-11000 ft/lbs. 1.2

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The brand-new B-RAD X from RAD Torque System takes torque

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