Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders & Rams for Industrial Applications

Alltorc USA specializes in supplying high-quality hydraulic cylinders and rams for demanding industrial lifting, pressing, and movement applications across America. With an extensive equipment stock holding over 5,000 cylinders ready for prompt delivery, we are a leading distributor of robust and dependable hydraulic actuators tailored to your most rugged operational requirements.

Heavy-Duty Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Our premium range of heavy-duty double acting hydraulic cylinders and telescopics offer unmatched power, stroke lengths exceeding 100 feet, precision position control, and smooth, efficient movement for reliably handling heavy industrial loads. These hardy actuators provide:

  • High-strength carbon or stainless steel bodies
  • Heavy-wall tubing and machining
  • Standard and heavy-duty rod options
  • High-pressure seals and bearings
  • Custom mounting configurations
  • Stroke limiting controls
  • Integrated position sensors

We carry an extensive inventory of double acting cylinders ready for immediate shipment.

Or for unique applications, we custom design and rapidly built cylinders suited to your specific dimensional, pressure, flow rate, and actuator movement requirements.

Other Robust Hydraulic Ram Variants Stocked Nationwide

In addition to telescopic and heavy-duty double acting cylinders, Alltorc USA maintains enormous domestic inventory stocks of:

  • Synchronous lifting cylinders
  • Long-stroke rams for offshore applications
  • Low-profile units for space-constrained installations
  • High-temperature and subsea cylinders
  • Explosion proof actuators UL rated for hazardous environments
  • Positioning models with precision alignment
  • Versions for extreme vibration, shock or lateral instability
  • Special coatings including ceramic, chrome, anodization
  • Standard hydraulic cylinder models meeting all industrial specs

Work Directly With Our Engineering Team on Custom Cylinder Design

If our extensive hydraulic cylinder stock and variants don’t quite fulfill your application specifications, leverage our expert in-house engineering team for full custom actuator design services optimized to your operational requirements.

Capabilities include:

  • Proprietary FEA stress analysis
  • Custom stroke, bore, and mounting configurations
  • Material selection consulting
  • Sourcing special seals, bearings, and accessories
  • Precision machining for optimized internal clearances
  • Dynamic simulation capability
  • Specialized cylinder application troubleshooting
  • Custom alignment, centering, or positioning designs

Industry-Leading Support Ensures Flawless Actuator Performance

All Alltorc USA hydraulic cylinder solutions are backed by our acclaimed customer service team available for skilled pre-sales sizing assistance along with post-purchase troubleshooting and support. Contact us online or call to select ideal rams, actuators, and cylinders purpose-built for maximizing uptime and reliability within your installation!

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